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Tips for Wellness
by Donna Bird

Ideas to Take Care of the Inner and Outer Self

These simple tips — which are provided in printable PDF format (just right-click to download) — are intended to help you come out ahead in life’s everyday challenges. New tips will be added soon regarding: Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Eating Disorders, Relationships, Loss, Health Crisis, Addictions, Stress, Children, Self-confidence, Immune System, and more. So check back often for updates!


Compassion & Kindness Tips: Heart Flower

Conscious Acts of Compassion & Kindness
For Your Health and Stress Reduction

Caring & Calming:

  • Use diaphragm to breathe consistently.
  • Be patient with yourself.
  • Schedule down time for yourself.
  • Take a warm bath/shower.…

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Relaxation Tips: Lotus Flower

Relaxation Tips
Ways to Relax and De-Stress


  • Decrease Caffeine: Eliminate or reduce as much caffeine from your diet as possible.
  • Returning Home: Take off your work clothes to complete your transition home. When you can, take a hot bath with scented bath oil.…

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Before-Eating Strategy: Food Table

Before Eating Strategy

Before eating, sit and briefly stop what you are doing. Whether you say a prayer or simply luxuriate in the food’s aroma or sight, or contemplate its source, pausing helps you relax and anticipate pleasure. And this also prepares your body for optimum digestion and awareness.…
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Eating While Traveling Tips: Airplane on Tarmac

Eating Tips While Traveling and Dining Out

Traveling can disrupt our body rhythms, our schedules, and environmental stability. Eating unhealthy food can make the traveling experience a lot worse. Here are some tips for eating while traveling, when dining out at any restaurant, or getting food at a buffet or restaurant salad bar.…
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Why Diets Fail: Asparagus on Plate

Why Diets Fail

  • They focus all the attention on depravation.
  • The more we are told not to have food, the more we want it.
  • Diets lower your metabolism, so you store fat more easily.
  • Diets focus on your weaknesses instead of your strengths.…

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Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.

— John Muir

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Holistic Therapeutic Approaches to Change


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