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Life is not always a bed of roses. The human body, like any machine, sometimes breaks down and must be repaired. Thus, at some point in our lives, everyone must inevitably contend with the anxiety, pain, and discomforts that accompany physical ailments, growing old, major or minor surgery, recovery from surgery or illness, serious life changes (such as quitting smoking), and so on. These CDs are crafted to help get you over such hurdles and hasten your journey back to wellness.

For information on shipping charges and sales tax, as well as tips on how to get the most out of my CDs, see the Instructions page. If you have comments or questions about the recordings, or wish to inquire about private sessions, please feel free to email me or phone (518) 584-0698.

NOTE: These hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation CDs are not intended as a medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment for mental or physical illness or disease. These modalities are designed to be used as a complement to professional care. Please seek the advice of a licensed physician if you have serious health concerns.

Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 1) CD

Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 1)
Catalog #CMPMEP • Price: $17.95

Guided Imagery for Pre-surgery Anxiety

Use this recording to prepare and calm yourself prior to surgery, and to help support your body during a procedure or illness.
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Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 2) CD

Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 2)
Catalog #MPMEP2 • Price: $17.95

Guided Imagery for Rapid Recovery

This recording is intended to ease the process of healing after illness, surgery, and other medical procedures — at home or in the hospital.
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Digestive Comfort CD

Digestive Comfort
Catalog #DC • Price: $17.95

Hypnosis and Affirmations for Digestion

Ease the discomforts associated with IBS, Crohn’s, celiac, and other digestive disorders. Relax and take control of the body’s self-healing powers!
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Freedom from Pain CD

Freedom from Pain
Catalog #FFP • Price: $17.95

Hypnosis to Ease Discomfort

Use this CD to relax and look beyond the sensation of pain — whether from illness or injury — as a means of controlling and reducing your discomfort.
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Pathway to Non-Smoking CD
Healing and Support for Non-Smokers CD

Quit-Smoking Packet (2-CD set)
Catalog #QSP • Price: $24.95


CD #1: Pathway to Non-Smoking

Guided Reinforcement to “Kick the Habit”
This CD provide the psychological support that a smoker may need to make the leap to non-smoking and then get through the initial rough patch.


CD #2: Healing and Support for Non-Smokers

Reinforcement to Remain Smoke-free
Once you have begun the process of quitting, use this CD to lessen the stress of withdrawal and speed your journey toward attaining smoke-free wellness.
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The wish for healing has always been half of health.

— Seneca the Younger
(4 BC–AD 65)

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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