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Stop Smoking

Self-Help on Compact Disc

Are you ready to “kick the habit” for good? Let these recordings help you make a determined decision to quit smoking — and then stay on track to achieve long-term smoke-free health.

For information on shipping charges and sales tax, as well as tips on how to get the most out of my CDs, see the Instructions page. If you have comments or questions about the recordings, or wish to inquire about private sessions, please feel free to email me or phone (518) 584-0698.

NOTE: These hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation CDs are not intended as a medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment for mental or physical illness or disease. These modalities are designed to be used as a complement to professional care. Please seek the advice of a licensed physician if you have serious health concerns.

Pathway to Non-Smoking CD

Quit-Smoking Packet (2-CD set)
Catalog #QSP • Price: $24.95


CD #1: Pathway to Non-Smoking

Guided Reinforcement to “Kick the Habit”
This CD provided the psychological support that a smoker may need to make the leap to non-smoking and then get through the initial rough patch.

Healing and Support for Non-Smokers CD

CD #2: Healing and Support for Non-Smokers

Reinforcement to Remain Smoke-free
Once you have begun the process of quitting, use this CD to lessen the stress of withdrawal and speed your journey toward attaining smoke-free wellness.
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Rapid Relaxers CD

Rapid Relaxers
Catalog #RARE • Price: $17.95

Short Sessions to Calm and Recharge You

If you need to relax now, and do it quickly, this recording will help you step away from your routine stresses and get back to a place of inner peace.
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To keep the body in good health is a duty — otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.

— Buddha

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