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Positive Affirmations
by Donna Bird

Prompts Aimed at Bolstering the
Conscious and Subconscious Mind

Please enjoy the following affirmations, many of which are from Donna's Self-Help CDs. All these affirmation are in printable PDF format — simply right-click to download. Whenever you need a boost to achieve your inner goals, just recite these to yourself.


For Alcohol and Drugs

Affirmations to Overcome Addictions

  • I take one day at a time.
  • I do one thing at a time.
  • I choose to move away from alcohol/drugs.
  • I know I will be proud of myself when I’m straight and sober.


Immune System

For the Immune System

Affirmations to Strengthen Your Body’s Defenses

  • I feel a strong natural healing force surging within me.
  • Trillions of immune cells are currently being distributed throughout my lymph tissues.
  • My body fluids are working in concert with my lymph system and macrophages.


Weight Loss

For Weight Loss

Suggested Affirmations to Lose Weight

  • I don’t need to be perfect to be loved.
  • I love and accept all parts of me.
  • Too much food is damaging for me.
  • I no longer abuse myself with food.



For General Wellness

Affirmations Aimed at a Healthier You

  • I’m now accepting responsibility for my health and happiness.
  • I take time to relax and breathe several times a day.
  • I love and accept all parts of me.


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Instruction does much, but encouragement is everything.

— Goethe

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Holistic Therapeutic Approaches to Change


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