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Freedom from Pain CD
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Freedom from Pain

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Hypnosis to Ease Discomfort

What we experience as physical “pain” is just the body’s way of sending a warning signal to the conscious mind that something (whether illness or injury) is amiss. In that respect, pain is merely an illusion. But for those who are in severe pain, it is very, very real. There are many ways medically to treat the causes and symptoms of pain. In the meantime, use this MP3 to relax and look beyond the sensation of pain as a means of controlling and reducing your discomfort.

IMPORTANT: Do not play these tracks while driving, as they may induce a state of drowsiness.

MP3 File Contents

Track 1: Softening and Repairing

Duration: 30:40 mins.
A natural waterfall, gentle background music, and Donna’s soothing voice help you to reach a deep hypnotic state. It will ease your pain by stimulating your body’s natural pain-killers (endorphins).

The more relaxed you become, the less pain you feel. You will experience several tried-and-tested pain relief techniques that you can practice while listening, and then later put to use on your own.

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Track 2: Novocaine for Pain

Duration: 29:34 mins.
Restful, calming music and Donna’s comforting voice guide you into a deep hypnotic state, where you can reduce the amount of pain you perceive.

The wonderful thing about experiencing and learning this hypnotic pain relief technique is that you can use it in many situations. Studies have shown that although pain signals are still sent to the brain, hypnosis can teach the brain to ignore them, so there is no pain sensation. After a while, you may become very adept at creating this numbing “novocaine effect” within yourself — at will, and on any region of your body.

Listen to a sample from the track

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The wonderful thing about experiencing and learning this hypnotic pain relief technique is that you can use it in many situations.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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