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Emotional Integration CD
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Emotional Integration

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Hypnosis Exercises for Cleansing Your Emotions

From a young age, each of us accumulates deep internal, emotional impressions or even wounds, which we carry with us wherever we go. We may refer to them sometimes as “scars” or as “baggage.” However they are named, over the course of a lifetime these feelings can weigh heavily on us, holding us back from achieving goals and preventing us from enjoying fully the happiness and personal satisfaction we deserve.

This healing CD comprises a set of interactive exercises that take you safely down into the center of your being, where you can begin the process of cleansing these sometimes troublesome emotions.

IMPORTANT: Do not play these tracks while driving, as they may induce a state of drowsiness.

MP3 File Contents

Track 1: Self-Awareness Guide

Duration: 17:00 mins.
In this track, you will tap into your current emotional state and, in a gentle way, find resolutions to heal from the past. Feeling is healing! The exercises in this first track will prepare you for the second track, which is intended to help you decrease the potency of these emotions and teach you how to ground and center yourself.

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Track 2: Centering and Grounding

Duration: 13:14 mins.
This track contains grounding and focusing exercises to teach you how to become fully conscious in the here and now. With it, you will learn to take control of the separate emotional, physical, and mental parts of your Self and integrate them in a healthy, productive way. These exercises may also be used to decrease or eliminate depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, as well as to help relax you from Track 1 of this CD.

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This CD contains a set of interactive exercises that take you safely down into the center of your being, where you can begin healing and cleansing emotions.

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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