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Most of these MP3 recordings are priced at US$12.00 each. As you browse through the store and make your selection, just click the appropriate “Buy Now” button next to the item. Once the online transaction is completed (by credit card, via PayPal), you will be automatically redirected to a special download page for each recording.

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Downloading Instructions

For your convenience, all the recordings are broken up into several separate tracks. On the download page, click on the appropriate links — which are clearly labeled — to listen to the recording; or right-click to download the files to your computer.

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Instructions for Use

These recordings use hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation techniques to put the listener into a relaxed, focused state, which allows information to be bypassed by the conscious (analytical) mind so it can be easily delivered into the subconscious mind, where behavior changes can more easily be made.

Tips for Listening

Because some of the tracks are designed to have a hypnotic effect on the listener, they may induce a feeling drowsiness. If an MP3 track has a warning associated with it regarding playing the track while driving a car (or operating any type of heavy machinery), please comply with this warning for your safety and that of others.

Make sure you will not be interrupted by anything when you listen. The optimum time to listen is early in the day or before sleeping (headphones will assist with focusing). If you fall asleep in bed while listening, try sitting up, or sit in another room of the house. You’ll know if you’ve fallen asleep because you won’t hear me guide you back. If you do hear me guide you back, you are not asleep, just in a deeper state of relaxation (that’s good).

If your mind wanders in and out of hearing the recording, that is normal. If you have intermittent thoughts, that too is normal. Experiencing body twitches and sensations while listening is not at all unusual either.

Brainwave Activity
Brainwave Activity

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How It Works

All habits and reactions are conditioned responses and reside in the subconscious mind. When you repeat something over and over, the mind begins to believe that this behavior is good, so it gets stored and imprinted in the subconscious mind.

Regardless of how much you consciously attempt to change that behavior with your strong will (conscious mind), your subconscious mind overrides this attempt, and you continue repeating the old stored behavior.

Since the subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination, hypnosis and guided imagery work to change behaviors and patterns. Suggestions given in an “altered state” are more readily accepted as the “preferred” imprint of behavior and accepted in the subconscious mind.

Altered states of relaxation are defined by the type of brain wave activity involved:

  • Beta Waves
    When you are wide awake and in a peak performance of beta state, your mind makes connections quickly and easily, because multitudes of neurons are firing rapidly. Beta is the frequency biofeedback therapists use to treat disorders.
  • Alpha Waves
    When you are this relaxed, brain activity slows down into the gentler waves of alpha. Fears vanish and you find yourself in a state of peace and well-being. Alpha is an excellent state for problem-solving and finding new ideas. It’s the perfect state in which to practice meditation, hypnosis, and visualization.
  • Theta Waves
    Here brain activity is slowed down almost to the point of sleep, but not quite. Many people experience a floating sensation, or feel their mind expanding beyond their body’s boundaries. Because theta reaches into the threshold of the subconscious, it is the best possible state for super-learning, reprogramming the mind, hypnosis, behavior modification, and dream recall.
  • Delta Waves
    This state is usually associated with sleep, healing, and regeneration. Delta is the deep subconscious — the seat from which intuition arises, and the ground-source from where all unconscious activity flows into consciousness. Deep meditation and insight can be achieved here.

To successfully change habits and ingrained behaviors (addictions, struggles with weight, anxiety and stress, etc.), only the Alpha level of relaxation is necessary. The Alpha state can be easily achieved with most of my recordings.


These hypnosis, guided imagery, and meditation recordings are not intended as a medical, psychological, or psychiatric treatment for mental or physical illness or disease. These modalities are designed to be used as a complement to professional care. Please seek the advice of a licensed physician if you have serious health concerns.

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Her crystal-clear, soothing voice and exquisite use of language are unparalleled and helped me to sustain a state of peace and strength. I highly recommend these recordings.

— Marina Petro

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

Holistic Therapeutic Approaches to Change


phone: (518) 584.0698 • email: healing@nycap.rr.com