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Sleep Deep

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Guided Imagery for Slumber (for Insomnia and Troubled Sleep)

Sleep is the time for renewal of body, mind, and soul. Without regular restful sleep, we not only feel tired during the day; we are also less productive at work and less engaged in our personal relationships. It can even negatively affect our long-term physical and mental health. This CD aims to help those suffering from insomnia to achieve a state of calm at bedtime in order to facilitate a deeper, longer period of healthy sleep.

IMPORTANT: Do not play these tracks while driving, as they may induce a state of drowsiness.

Disc Contents

Track 1: Release Body and Mind

Duration: 26:05 mins.
A background of gentle ocean waves, the sound of sea gulls, and soft music entices you into a relaxing, calm state of slumber. Donna’s soothing, gentle voice guides you into a place of deep auto-hypnosis.

Freeing yourself from repetitive thoughts, worries, and stress helps to give your mind a much-needed nightly vacation! When your mind relaxes, your body follows — because they are, after all, interconnected.

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Track 2: Sleeping in the Clouds

Duration: 30:29 mins.
A background of calming Celtic harp music and Donna’s soothing voice guides you into a gentle reprieve from the anxiety and tension of your daily life. Float, drift, and allow yourself to be enveloped by spacious, airy clouds, as you soar and glide along with them and leave all stress behind.

Wave goodbye to everyday concerns and sleep comfortably in the ethereal, euphoric plane that lies far beyond earthly wide-awake worries and responsibilities.

Listen to a sample from the track

Customer Testimonials

  • I guess I’m addicted to it. I play this nightly, and 20 minutes into it I’m sound asleep. After having sleep problems for over 16 years, I’ve found something that really works for me.

    — Peter Draper, Account Manager (Seattle, WA)

  • I received my order yesterday. I have to tell you that the CDs are a miracle for me! I’ve had trouble with insomnia since I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 23 (I am 39 now), so it’s been quite a few years. I started to play one of the CDs last night, and I must have been out within 10 minutes, because I don’t remember anything until I woke up this morning. These CDs have given me the “cure” for insomnia I needed. I assure you, I will be telling all my family and friends about your website and products. Thank you so much!

    — Kelly Walker (Canton, OH)

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After having sleep problems for over 16 years, I’ve found something that really works for me.

— Peter Draper

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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