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Peace and Security

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Decreasing Stress & Anxiety

At some time in their lives, all people are subject to physical, emotional, and psychological hurt from a variety of causes. In some cases, the trauma is so severe that it may result in PTSD, stress, chronic anxiety disorders, emotional scarring, sleeplessness, feelings of alienation, and a general fearfulness that dogs the sufferer throughout the day. The aim of this CD is to alleviate some of that fear and anxiety so that you can better begin to heal.

Disc Contents

Track 1: Peace and Security

Duration: 32:55 mins.
This guided imagery track takes you down to a new level of calming your mind and body. A neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) anchor is used to imprint peaceful and secure feelings in your body so you can access these feelings in an awake state, as needed. If you suffer from anxiety, are a worrier, or have survived trauma, this recording will help you feel peaceful and secure in the world.

IMPORTANT: Do not play this track while driving, as it may induce a state of drowsiness.

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Track 2: Affirmations for Safety, Peace, and Security

Duration: 34:54 mins.
You feel safe and secure automatically when you play the comforting affirmations on this track. Calming, soothing, positive messages are used to reprogram your mind to be less fearful, more confident, and more relaxed during daily activities.

This track is designed for portable listening convenience while walking, driving a car, at home, or at work.

Listen to a sample from the track

Customer Testimonials

  • I would recommend this CD to trauma survivors and/or people struggling with fear. I have struggled with chronic PTSD and intense fear for years. Listening to Donna’s soothing voice, which includes affirmations, brings me to an inner place of safety.

    — Sue Sleasman, Research Assistant (Albany, NY)

  • All the CDs I have of Donna’s are very comforting and helpful; especially the one that has always been my personal favorite: Peace and Security. It has always been the one I turn to the most, as it has also been the one that worked the best for me, from the very start. Thank you again, Donna!

    — Nikki Martello (Saratoga Springs, NY)

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I would recommend this CD to trauma survivors and/or people struggling with fear. Listening to Donna’s soothing voice brings me to an inner place of safety.

—Sue Sleasman

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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phone: (518) 584.0698 • email: healing@nycap.rr.com