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Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 1)
Before and During Procedures: Relaxing and Visualizing

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Interactive Guided Imagery
for Pre-surgery Anxiety

This recording is intended to calm and prepare you prior to surgery and also help support your body during a procedure or illness. To ease the process of healing after illness, surgery, and other medical procedures, see Donna’s CD, Medical Procedures Made Easier (Part 2).

IMPORTANT: Do not play these tracks while driving, as they may induce a state of drowsiness.

In addition, this CD (along with the separate Part 2) is available as a single shippable Medical Procedures Packet in Donna’s CD Store.

NOTE: To help you prepare for and recover from surgery and other medical procedures, this recording also includes an instruction sheet that you can download and print.

Disc Contents

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Track 1:
Relax Before Medical Procedures

Duration: 35:03 mins.
Calm pre-surgery anxiety with progressive relaxation techniques that entrain your body to become relaxed. This CD incorporates deep breathing and interactive visualization to help your body and mind remain calm and release tension prior to surgery/procedures.

It can also be played while waiting for surgery/procedures to begin. The CD includes written instructions for successful procedures and quicker recovery.

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Track 2:
Support During Medical Procedures

Duration: 38:22 mins.
This track is designed to be played during your surgery/procedure (even if you are anesthetized, your subconscious mind hears this recording). Guided imagery and hypnotic suggestions help decrease blood loss; and they help create support for your body’s vital organs and network system under stress from invasive treatments.

Fill your body with pure, warm relaxation and calmness, which allow you to feel safe and secure during invasive procedures, including:

  • major/minor surgery
  • dental work
  • chemotherapy
  • MRI testing
  • fertility procedures
  • cardiac treatment
  • gynogological exams

Listen to a sample from the track

Customer Testimonial

  • Donna Bird’s Medical Procedures Made Easier CDs were profoundly effective in alleviating the extreme anxiety I experienced prior to undergoing major surgery several years ago. I listened to them daily — morning and evening — prior to, during, and after the surgery. I actually woke up from the surgery in a state of euphoria! Her crystal-clear, soothing voice and exquisite use of language are unparalleled and helped me to sustain a state of peace and strength. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone facing any type of surgery or medical procedure.

    — Marina Petro, Artist & Psychic Consultant (Saratoga Springs, NY)

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Donna’s Medical Procedures Made Easier CDs were profoundly effective in alleviating the extreme anxiety I experienced prior to undergoing major surgery.

— Marina Petro

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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