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Testimonials About My CDs and MP3s

Feedback from People Who Have Purchased
Donna Bird’s Series of Self-Help Recordings

Although my practice is located in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York, I have helped clients all over the country by conducting counseling sessions over the phone. But because of scheduling conflicts or other inconveniences, sometimes even that is not possible. For that reason I have developed a series of Self-Help Recordings, available on shippable CDs and as downloadable MP3 audio files, which people can listen to any time they need a boost but can’t make a session. Below is a sampling of feedback from these customers. (See also the testimonials of my counseling session clients.)

The feedback includes comments on:

General Comments on the Recordings

Wonderful and Soothing Voice
“I just wanted to email and say thank you for the CDs. They are wonderful. I am going through a really bad time in my life right now, so I treated myself and bought the CDs. I know they will get me back on track again. Your voice is so wonderful and soothing. Thanks so much!”

— Nikki Horner (Port Richey, FL)

Best Recordings
“These are some of the best healing and self-help recordings you will find anywhere.”

— Marina Petro, Artist & Psychic Consultant (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Self-Help CDs

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Power of Choice

Good Results with Your Weight Loss CD
“I started using your weight loss CD on Memorial Day and have had very good results. I have lost the ‘last 10 pounds’ that I have struggled with my whole life it seems. My attitude toward food is changed, and I look forward to listening to the CD. I don’t feel the preoccupation with food or feelings of deprivation that typically go along with dieting.”

— Linda Karlson-Selsky (Guilderland, NY)

Very Helpful
“I have been listening to your weight management CD and have found it very helpful — to the point of not having had any chocolate chip cookies (my overindulgence!) since Thanksgiving.”

— Rona Selsky (Long Island, NY)

Power of Choice

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Waterfall Wisdom: Enhance Motivation and Self-Esteem

I’m Losing Pounds!
“I have found this CD helps me to escape into a relaxed place, where I become rejuvenated by the whole ‘Waterfall’ experience. The positive statements that Donna’s voice anchor me in are very affirming, and they help me stay on track with food.

“Track 2’s affirmations help support me during the day, because I play them in my car coming and going to work. I alternate this CD with her Power of Choice CD. Together they improve my relationship with food — and I’m losing pounds!”

— Patricia Marks, Technical Writer
(St. Louis, MO)

Enhance Motivation and Self-Esteem

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Medical Procedures Made Easier CDs

Effective in Alleviating Extreme Anxiety
“Donna Bird’s Medical Procedures Made Easier CDs were profoundly effective in alleviating the extreme anxiety I experienced prior to undergoing major surgery several years ago. I listened to them daily — morning and evening — prior to, during, and after the surgery. I actually woke up from the surgery in a state of euphoria!

“Her crystal-clear, soothing voice and exquisite use of language are unparalleled and helped me to sustain a state of peace and strength. I highly recommend these recordings to anyone facing any type of surgery or medical procedure.”

— Marina Petro, Artist & Psychic Consultant (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Medical Procedures Made Easier - Part 1
Medical Procedures Made Easier - Part 2

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Sleep Deep

It Really Works
“I guess I’m addicted to it. I play this nightly, and 20 minutes into it I’m sound asleep. After having sleep problems for over 16 years, I’ve found something that really works for me.”

— Peter Draper, Account Manager
(Seattle, WA)

The “Cure” for Insomnia
“I received my order yesterday. I have to tell you that the CDs are a miracle for me! I’ve had trouble with insomnia since I had a complete hysterectomy when I was 23 (I am 39 now), so it’s been quite a few years. I started to play one of the CDs last night, and I must have been out within 10 minutes, because I don’t remember anything until I woke up this morning. These CDs have given me the ‘cure’ for insomnia I needed. I assure you, I will be telling all my family and friends about your website and products. Thank you so much!”

— Kelly Walker (Canton, OH)

Sleep Deep

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Pure Peace

Like Being Inside a Therapeutic Environment
“I have been in chronic pain for over three years. I recently underwent two brain surgeries. Donna’s CD got me through many tense moments in my life. Hearing her voice on a CD is almost like being inside the gentle surroundings of a tranquil place or a therapeutic environment. It creates a soothing and calming effect on one’s soul and an abstract, meditative, safe place to cast away your worries.

“Although the relaxation effect from the CD doesn’t banish your problems or issues (as most people who are in an open-minded realm know), it does help you gain a sense of clarity and perspective in helping you deal with everyday stresses. I cannot thank Donna enough or recommend it more.”

— Natalie Jarman (Los Angeles, CA)

Pure Peace CD

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Heal Your Heart

A Good Tool to Get Through Life
“It was easy to go deep into a calm place with Donna’s comforting voice and the background of ocean sounds. It was useful for me to discover what was bothering me and to release old blocks related to some losses. I felt cleansed from the process. Each time I listen to the CD I learn more and I cleanse more. It’s a good tool to have to help you get through life.”

— Louis Theophilis (Clifton Park, NY)

Heal Your Heart

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Peace and Security

An Inner Place of Safety
“I would recommend this CD to trauma survivors and/or people struggling with fear. I have struggled with chronic PTSD and intense fear for years. Listening to Donna’s soothing voice, which includes affirmations, brings me to an inner place of safety.”

— Sue Sleasman, Research Assistant (Albany, NY)

Comforting and Helpful
“All the CDs I have of Donna’s are very comforting and helpful — especially the one that has always been my personal favorite: Peace and Security. It has always been the one I turn to the most, as it has also been the one that worked the best for me, from the very start. Thank you again, Donna!”

— Nikki Martello (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Peace and Security

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These are some of the best healing and self-help recordings you will find anywhere.

— Nikki Horner

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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