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Testimonials from My Clients

What People Say About Sessions with Donna Bird

Over the years I have helped many clients with a variety of issues in my private sessions and classes — and they have written back to let me know about the effectiveness of my counseling practice and holisitic therapies. Below is a sampling of these clients’ testimonials. (See also the buyer feedback on my self-help CD and MP3 recordings.)

The testimonials include comments on:

General Comments on My Counseling Practice

A Gem of a Therapist
“When I began seeing Donna, I was so disconnected from my feelings and thoughts that I couldn’t think straight or write, which is what I needed to be doing. Donna got me through many Ph.D. courses, helped me turn my life around, and get over the traumas that have happened to me, one at a time. Even my own mother couldn’t believe the change in me and wanted to do EMDR herself. Donna's time is priceless and she is a gem of a therapist. I recommended her to everyone I know who has had trauma.”

— Marcy Auguste, MA (Troy, NY)

Self-confidence Restored
“I overcame a mental block that was affecting me in a very negative way. My self-confidence was restored in what I was trying to accomplish. My sessions with Donna were truly rewarding.”

— David Slattery, Investments and Insurance Consultant (Albany, NY)

Kind — Caring — Empathetic
“Donna is very kind, caring, and empathetic. My work with her has helped me get rid of old demons and has allowed new life-changing positive energy into my life. I am learning how good I can feel!”

— Victoria Hurewitz, Researcher/Community Activist (Schuylerville, NY)

“I have been both a health professional and educator for over 20 years and a client/ patient for over 40, and never endorse or recommend something or somebody that I have not tried first myself. I am proud to say that I have made more progress working with Donna Bird utilizing her Wave Work, Parts Therapy, and Hypnosis in the past 10 months than I have been able to do in the past 10 years.”

— Seth Richard, R.N.

Gentle, Loving Practice
Wave Work is the most gentle, loving practice/therapy I’ve ever done. I’ve changed and grown because it has felt natural to do so, not because there was something wrong with me that needed to be fixed. Donna brings a deep compassion to this work. She makes it possible for me to be deeper inside myself and to thoroughly heal whatever hurts.

“Within a few months of practicing the Wave Work regularly, I noticed a major change in how I experience events in my life — especially unpleasant ones. I struggle much less. It’s easier to just be with the experiences and not hate that I’m going through something I don’t like.”

— Susan Spang, Executive Director (Albany, NY)

Back to a Normal Life
“I went to Donna for help with phantom pain after having my leg amputated. I had some doubts at first, but Donna has really helped me with her hypnosis therapy. I am getting back to a normal life once again. I can’t thank Donna enough for all she has done for me!”

— Thomas Burke, Retired Bus Driver (Corinth, NY)

Gentle Nature, Firm Grounding
“Because Donna is able to balance her sweet gentle nature with a firm grounding in the present, I feel safe and am able to go deep within and tap into my own Higher Self and Inner Knowing. What a wonderful tool!”

— Diane Perecca, Motel Owner/Yoga Teacher (Lake George, NY)

Moving Forward with Confidence
“The integration techniques Donna uses have helped me release unwanted emotions so that I can move forward with confidence in my life. This has truly been a blessing to me.”

— Jim Fenton, Sales Engineer (Ballston Spa, NY)

A Great Therapist
“When I started working with Donna I was a shallow breather and was often stressed over small things. Now I remember to breathe, meditate, and have way much less anxiety than I have ever had in my life and feel much stronger and confident. Donna is an excellent teacher and therapist. Wave Work is not only a time when you can learn about yourself and your emotions, it is a time when you can further develop skills that you can use on your own to heal, meditate, and integrate difficult feelings. Donna is a great therapist, and I think everyone should benefit from her.”

— Laura Thompson, PhD, Museum and Arts Educator (Clifton Park, NY)

A Most Rewarding Experience
“Working with Donna has been a most rewarding and unique experience. Not only did I meet my goal, but I also learned how to utilize several techniques to keep me on a healthy path, both mentally and physically.”

— Eleanor Wagner (Saratoga Springs, NY)

Fear of Flying
“I did it — and with ease! You are my hero. I was able to eat dinner the night before I got on the plane, I was able to sleep (unheard of), and I was able to eat breakfast before boarding. Wow! I got just a bit nervous walking on the plane and before takeoff; but nothing like before. The EMDR and hypnosis really worked!!! The trip was amazing — so glad I didn’t miss it. Beaches Turks and Caicos is quite a place…the beauty, the food…wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

— Donna Kowalczyk, Teacher (Troy, NY)

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Comments on Wave Work Therapy

“My physical, mental, and emotional states have been redefined in a more powerful way. I feel very empowered!”

— Cassandra Creech, Actress (New York, NY)

“My headache disappeared. I felt clarity of mind and a sense of control. It was very nurturing.”

— Graziella Mehrish, Attorney (Brooklyn, NY)

Supportive and Present
“Phenomenal experience! Donna is very supportive, very present, and right there with me.”

— Casey Dugan, Writer (Bloomington, IN)

Hopeful for Change
“I feel much more at peace with myself and my experiences. It is interesting to feel the link between my thoughts, feelings, and body sensations. It helps me understand and accept my current situations and makes me hopeful for change.”

— Bill Bennett, Computer Business Owner (Boston, MA)

Feeling Safe
“Changes I felt were relaxation, back pain, followed by heat and pulsing. My mental and emotional state is tired and relieved. I learned a lot. And it felt so safe to feel all this.”

— Breeda Ryan, Yoga Teacher (Brooklyn, NY)

Letting Go…and Letting In
“It’s hard to put into words, but I feel this profound opening and letting go and letting in. I value the facilitation. I am not in a yoga practice routine, nor do I meditate much. I always had difficulty focusing. Donna provided that for me. I am grateful.”

— Cindy Gilpatric, Homemaker (Winston, MA)

Deeper Acceptance
“I have gained an integration of known entities. I now have a deeper acceptance of what is true. I value the safety created by Donna during my session.”

— Christine Rosier, Licensed Massage Therapist (Lenox, MA)

Deeper Insight
“I feel this knowledge is something that will give me a deeper insight into my own life and would like to work with this more in depth.”

— Jean Polczynski, Data Mgmt. Cancer Registrar

Health Benefit
“I learned a new technique which will benefit me in my emotional and physical health.”

— Lori Korkosz, Business Manager

Learning How to Handle the “Inner Critic”
“I gained a knowledge of how to handle, or be with, whatever emotions come up. I saw how to be aware of my inner critic, and to let my emotions flow through that.”

— Jennifer Webb, Yoga Instructor, Office Administrator

Another Valuable Tool
“I've acquired another tool I can integrate into my life — to use on my own or with a counselor.”

— Jeanne Austin-Lavoie, Office Manager

Managing Emotional Waves
“I feel I will be more aware of when a wave is coming up for me; and, if in a safe place, will try not to ‘stuff’ the emotion.”

— Celeste Shear, Advertising Coordinator

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Comments on Stress Reduction and Meditation Counseling

Trusting One’s Inner Guidance
“This class was wonderful! I have learned so much about myself. I’ve learned how not to ‘react,’ but instead use the tools I’ve learned and trust my inner guidance. And I now know how to breathe!”

— Beth Harmer, Group Sales Manager, Yankee Trails

A Stronger Appreciation of Who I Am
“I’m more aware and connected to my spirit. Life’s struggles and situations don’t feel so overwhelming. My new awareness will contribute to every aspect of my life, into a better balance in my mind, body, and stronger appreciation of who I am.”

— Rich Buckey, Project Manager

Calmer and More in Control
“I feel much calmer and more in control of my life. This class has made profound changes in my attitude toward myself and others. I am not a faucet that I can turn off and on. I feel empowered!”

— Laura Thompson, Ph.D., Education Director—Schenectady Museum

More Relaxed
“I am more relaxed and able to let go of stress more easily. I am learning to be more in-touch with my feelings/emotions. The new awareness I’ve gained allows me to be a better husband, teacher and parent, and to enjoy and appreciate life.”

— Bob Walter, Trainer/Owner of Teams On Purpose

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Comments on “Transforming Eating Obsessions” Counseling

Lost Weight — and Kept It Off
“This group has helped me stay focused on eating healthy in smaller amounts. The CDs reinforce good habits throughout the week. I have lost weight and learned ways to keep it off. I have a new awareness of when, why, and how much I eat.”

— Samantha LaFountain, Graphic Artist

Making Choices Without Shame
“I gained insight, choices without shame, awareness about my ‘eating part.’ I can make choices now without shame and judgment of myself.”

— Elinor Caton, Registered Nurse

Expectations More Than Met
“My expectations of this class were more than met. I have a deeper understanding of myself and what triggers my eating. I now know that my gobbling of food and scavenger eating are related to stress. Thank you for a wonderful, enlightening class!”

— Patricia Adler, Veterinary Technician

Fostering New Healthy Eating Habits
“I will continue to change and make these new eating practices habitual. For me this has been a life-long challenge; and I believe that for the first time I have some tools.”

— Winifred Deloayza, Executive Coach

Power of Choice
“The breathing technique is very useful. I love the Power of Choice CD! The handouts are excellent. I have gained awareness about me taking time for myself and thinking positively about what I need.”

— Sue Graham, Political and Legislative Analyst

Getting a Handle on Emotional Eating
“This group has helped me to get a solid handle on emotional eating issues and how to manage my feelings and my eating. I have lost weight and gained proven, workable techniques to reduce my stress levels. If I knew of someone who was struggling with emotional eating, I would tell them this class could give them awareness about why they overeat and techniques for finding alternatives to eating.”

— Elaine Lasda-Bergman, Librarian

Letting Go of Stress
“I am now more aware of my emotions and able to use the breathing techniques to let go of stress. Most helpful was the group sharing and support and the awareness of emotional feelings.”

— Tymesia Nabors, Social Worker

Profoundly Life-Changing
“This class has profoundly changed my life and given me tools to refocus. This is what has been missing in my life. I now have awareness on how to gain control over obsessive overeating and the comfort in knowing I’m not alone. I would recommend this class to people so they could learn how to get to the unconscious reasons why they overeat.”

— Linda Browne, H.R. Manager

Learning to Be Better to Oneself
“The hypnosis CD and the hypnosis in class were great! I am much more aware of each mouthful of food I take now and am eating smaller amounts. I have learned to be better to myself and my body. I loved the mastermind exercises and was so glad to have a chance to experience so many different ones.”

— Jeri Heyman, Ph.D., Business Owner

Helpful to Share Feelings
“It was helpful to share feelings, experiences, thoughts, and ideas with other women who also have similar eating problems. I would (and have) recommended this group to others because it helps you get in touch with emotional eating and offers a variety of ways to cope with it.”

— Karyn O’Brien, Social Worker

Discovering the Reasons for Emotional Eating
“I have lost weight and definitely learned reasons for my emotional eating and other behaviors that I would never have discovered on my own.”

— Patty Cashel, Paralegal

A Wonderful Experience
“I have recommended this class to my friends. The peer support is great. The hypnosis is incredibly revealing and helpful. I loved the awareness and comfort of being with others who really do understand. I gained a real understanding of what the food is to you as well as who you are and want to be, so that you can move forward. This group has been a wonderful experience for me and I will miss it. You are an incredibly gifted group leader.”

— D.A. Bachand, Office Manager

Thank You, Donna
“I’ve learned I need to be gentle with myself. I’ve become more aware of my eating, and that 90% of it is emotional. This class has changed the way I look at my eating habits. I’ve gained a lot from you and my fellow classmates. I’ve learned that we are different, but also alike in many ways with our eating issues. Thank you, Donna. I really found this class valuable.”

— Dana Coletti, Bookkeeper

The Most Important First Step
“Breathing techniques, group sharing, lecture content, hypnosis, CDs, food concepts — it was all great! This group has helped me to take that most important first step. I have begun a new awareness, and that’s amazing! I have gained so much awareness and the desire to keep trying to learn to love and nurture myself. I would recommend this group to a friend. The support they would get is wonderful. They might even find a dear lost friend to accompany them through life — themselves.”

— Karen Sturtevant

Life-Long Learning
“This is a life-long learning. I will practice and spread the word of what I’ve learned. I will face my emotions and know it’s okay to be emotional and okay to love myself inside and out.”

— Vickie Drinkwine, Manager

At Peace with Eating
“I have achieved my goal of being at peace with eating. Now the work does not seem overwhelming, as it did months ago. Suddenly I am able to forgive myself, see the ‘big picture’ of improved behavior, and control my eating”

— Clay Livingston, Career Coach & Mom

Confident and Empowered
“I feel more confident and empowered. I would recommend this class because it provides a positive environment that nurtures and encourages real changes that can last a lifetime.”

— Tanya Voss, Stay-at-Home Mom

Self-Awareness in the Kitchen
“I think this class is the real thing. I have gained a sense of self-awareness, especially in the kitchen. I would like to see a 10- to 15-week program like this.”

— Linda Seeman, Business Owner

It’s About Self-Compassion
“This group went beyond my wildest expectations. I have tried diet after diet — and they worked — but the weight always returned. This group addresses the inner issues that the weight is a result of. Our society teaches it is all about self-control. Donna teaches us it’s all really about self-compassion. I have already recommended this group to several friends who are struggling and frustrated.”

— Mary Peyton, Realtor/Trainer

Overcoming Food Obsessions
“I no longer feel that food has control over my life. I have self awareness and have learned many techniques to overcome my food obsessions. And I lost weight.”

— Kathleen Truscello, Claims Processor

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Donna is very kind, caring, and empathetic. My work with her has helped me get rid of old demons and has allowed new life-changing positive energy into my life.
I am learning how good I can feel!

— Victoria Hurewitz

  Donna Bird, LCSW, CCH  
Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Clinical Hypnotist

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